Depressed at Christmas?

Are you depressed at Christmas? You’re not alone. I am too. There will be plenty of people reading this blog accusing me of being bah humbug or a moaning minnie. But I reckon there are plenty of people out there who sink into a low mood at this of year. Not because they have no family, not because they are divorced or single, have no kids or because of the dark short days of winter.

The concept of Christmas itself I find sets me into a depressed frame of mind and I can’t fathom out the source of why I feel like this. Christmas is supposed to be cheery, full of joy and love. My hearts sinks as I walk round the Poundstretcher looking at cheap crackers and Santa hats. I don’t feel anymore inspired looking at Waitrose luxury Heston orange Christmas puddings or taking a walk through a fantastic magical display and Santa’s grotto at a garden centre. I think it’s because Christmas feels like Groundhog Day. It’s on automatic repeat each day, it’s something we take for granted that will happen and it’s as normal and natural and predictable as the seasons – except that the seasons aren’t predictable anymore. I can’t stand the predictability of Christmas. From the tree to the decorations to carols, Santa and the meal it’s always the same process. It’s like being on a hamster’s wheel or a treadmill. Where is it leading to? And next year the process will begin all over again.

I have tried to embrace Christmas because consistency and tradition are supposed to be comforting and nice. The Queen’s Speech captures the spirit of what Britain is about and her longevity as a monarch somehow makes us feel more stable as a nation in an ever changing world. But I just want to scream. I want somehow to open the door and let me escape from this on going whirling hamster’s wheel.

If I changed my Christmas routine maybe I’d enjoy it more and be less depressed. If I took myself off to a hotel with a roaring fire and sat beside it in a big comfy chair sipping mulled wine then maybe I might feel differently. A walk in a snowy landscape might help but I don’t think so somehow.

There will be those of you – Christians who will tell me I need to find Jesus because Jesus will lead me to true fulfillment but I don’t buy that one either. In fact Ive written a couple of books about the darker side of religion – the Catholic faith. You can find them on Amazon here:

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