A Time to Reflect

A Time to Reflect


A Time to Reflect by Joanna Warrington book cover Plunge into Colonial New England with this amusing, yet woeful family saga, A Time to Reflect.

When Pandora books a road trip through historic New England for her brother’s daughter Ellie and herself, she doesn’t expect it to turn to disaster.

Ellie was a sweet young girl but she is now a feisty, opinionated, stroppy young lady of the snowflake generation. Pandora can’t handle that. As they travel towards windswept Cape Cod and its postcard perfect lighthouses to gay Provincetown, she hasn’t bargained for the barrage of tricky questions that Ellie fires off about her dad’s life. She would rather simply be enjoying the seafood, colonial history and quaint boutiques.

Pandora hasn’t spoken to her brother Jules in years. Not since the terrible things he did. She thinks she knows everything there is to know about her brother but she is about to be shocked to the core.

In Boston, Ellie storms off to meet a stranger and is caught up in a major terrorist incident. Family secrets, betrayals, and home truths are about to be revealed in this harsh drama hurtling the family into crisis.

A devastating, yet amusing tale highlighting the stresses of our modern lives. It will stir every emotion within you.

***Previously published as ‘Gambling Broke Us’***


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