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Gambling Broke Us by Joanna Warrington book coverNEW RELEASE

Gambling Broke Us. A devastating, yet amusing tale highlighting the stresses of our modern lives. It will stir every emotion within you.

Plunge into Colonial New England with this amusing, yet woeful family saga.

When Pandora books a road trip through historic New England for her brother’s daughter Ellie and herself, she doesn’t expect it to turn to disaster.

Ellie was a sweet young girl but she is now a feisty, opinionated, stroppy young lady of the snowflake generation. Pandora can’t handle that. As they travel towards windswept Cape Cod and its postcard perfect lighthouses to gay Provincetown, she hasn’t bargained for the barrage of tricky questions that Ellie fires off about her dad’s life. She would rather simply be enjoying the seafood, colonial history and quaint boutiques.

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'Every Mother's Fear' by Joanna Warrington promotional imageEvery Mother’s Fear: Shocking story about motherhood in the 1950s

PERFECT FOR FANS OF ‘CALL THE MIDWIFE’, Annie Murray, Katie Flynn, Nadine Dorries & Rosie Goodwin. This harrowing yet heartwarming saga reflecting the difficult decisions women face is set in the 1950s when choices were limited. It will stir every emotion within you. It’s based on the notorious thalidomide scandal that affected 10,000 people worldwide and some of the real experiences families faced.

Joanna Warrington is an author and personal assistant to a thalidomide survivor, in which capacity she has attended the Thalidomide Trust’s annual conference. The courage demonstrated by her employer and other survivors inspired her to write Every Mother’s Fear. Warrington, who lives in the United Kingdom, has written several other books.

Every Mother’s Fear is published and now available on Amazon!

New on Amazon 'Holiday' by Joanna Warrington‘Holiday’ will appeal to fans of travel writer, Bill Bryson because of its vivid descriptions of landscape, culture and wildlife.

‘Holiday’ by Joanna Warrington is an emotional drama following a family as they travel across America through the struggles of repairing a fractured relationship. Is it too little too late for them, can leopards change their spots or will the final page give the reader a Happy Ever After?

It combines story with travelogue and the reader will learn about the places the family visit and the wildlife they encounter.

This book will also appeal to fans of British TV comedy ‘Outnumbered’ and David Nicholl’s ‘Us’ for its tender and insightful depiction of modern family life, highlighting the stresses and strains of taking teenagers away on holiday.

Holiday is published and available on Amazon!

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