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Every Mother’s Fear: Shocking story about motherhood in the 1950s

PERFECT FOR FANS OF ‘CALL THE MIDWIFE’, Annie Murray, Katie Flynn, Nadine Dorries & Rosie Goodwin. This harrowing yet heartwarming saga reflecting the difficult decisions women face is set in the 1950s when choices were limited. It will stir every emotion within you. It’s based on the notorious thalidomide scandal that affected 10,000 people worldwide and some of the real experiences families faced.

Joanna Warrington is an author and personal assistant to a thalidomide survivor, in which capacity she has attended the Thalidomide Trust’s annual conference. The courage demonstrated by her employer and other survivors inspired her to write Every Mother’s Fear. Warrington, who lives in the United Kingdom, has written several other books.

Every Mother’s Fear has been published and now available on Amazon!

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