Questions to the Author


What advice can you give new writers?

My advice is don’t start writing a book without a plan, a focus, a plot line. Planning is fundamental. Ignore the advice that says it’s not important.

Take your readers on an emotional journey. Good stories are about conflict, challenge, struggle. Make them feel the struggle. Be passionate and they will feel it too.


Did you try the traditional publishing route?

I was persuaded on various writing courses to try the self publishing route. It’s quicker. It gets you out there. It establishes you as a new writer. And if it is good it will be found because people will talk about it.

I liked Createspace because it is linked to Amazon and competitive in cost. Your member account is easy to navigate. I was very pleased with the service and would use it again.

Which writing courses are worth going on?

I would highly recommend:

Which books on writing would you recommend?


On how to self publish:

On how to edit:

On planning a book: