Every Mothers Fear

Every Mother’s Fear


Every Mother's Fear, a book by Joanna Warrington

“In the 1950s thalidomide was the wonder drug.”

“Grunenthal, the German manufacturer of thalidomide has never compensated British victims.”

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‘Every Mother’s Fear’, Joanna Warrington


Every Mother's Fear, by Joanna WarringtonSynopsis for ‘Every Mother’s Fear’

Rona is desperate for a child. Sandy is pregnant. Their story shows the long-reaching effects of an infamous pharmaceutical scandal and the true depths of a mother’s love.


Today, the word immediately rouses sympathy for the ten thousand children who suffered from its effects—in the fifties, it was simply the best new wonder drug for expectant mothers.

Sandy is one of these mothers, even if she isn’t so sure she wants to be. The aspiring model had a one-night stand with a journalist that resulted in her current predicament. Shunned by her family, Sandy quietly checks herself into a maternity home to wait out her pregnancy and prepare to have the baby adopted.

Rona, one of the home’s employees, finds it hard to see Sandy and the others expecting. She and her husband have been trying for years, but Rona is unable to conceive. When Sandy delivers a child disabled by thalidomide, Rona makes a life-changing decision that will have dramatic consequences.

Meanwhile, Sandy’s journalist lover stumbles upon the scoop of a century. As he investigates corruption entrenched in the company that developed thalidomide, he is surprised to reconnect with Sandy, the one who got away. He and Sandy feel drawn to each other, but both will have to confront old wounds if they want to be together.

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