Erectile dysfunction and link to pornography

All Things D - Part 1 - 'The Catholic Woman's Dying Wish' Book coverErectile Dysfunction and pornography. It’s the Summer holidays. What is your teenage boy up to? Hopefully he’s got a summer job but it’s unlikely you can entice him to come away with you on a family holiday. They get to a certain age and just want to be left at home alone. The chances are he’s doing what he usually does – he’s alone in his bedroom, watching films on his computer, playing games on his computer or chatting to friends on his computer. Teenage boys still hang out with friends but they no longer climb trees, mess about on bikes, or hunt for bird eggs like they used to or do other active pursuits. Their lives are fairly inactive and their bodies are lacking in vitamin D due to the lack of sunlight they’re exposed to.

Teen boys rarely let you in their bedroom. If you try and enter their room even just to remove all the dirty cups and plates you get the door slammed in your face. You can bet your bottom dollar, with easy access to the internet they are checking out porn on their computers. If you think your teen boy is an angel and would never look at it, well think again. Extreme content can be found free of charge in little more than a few clicks. Many parents don’t have parental locks because it slows up computers and they don’t know how to fit them.

When boys reach puberty it’s only natural that they will masturbate and physically they do need to. But there are concerns that watching too much porn is causing damage to men’s health. Top psychosexual therapist, Angela Gregory, says the trend of older men being diagnosed with the condition has changed and more and more men in their late teens or early 20s are suffering from erectile dysfunction.

My first book ‘The D Word’ (see link below) was about a man in his early fifties who suffered from erectile dysfunction due to cardio vascular issues as well as diabetes. Historically men that were referred to Angela Gregory’s clinic with problems with erectile dysfunction were older men whose issues were related to diabetes, MS, cardio vascular disease. ‘The D Word’ reflected these issues.

My second book ‘The Catholic Woman’s Dying Wish’ (see link below) was about a man in his fifties who also suffered from erectile dysfunction due to entirely different issues. He had been abused by a priest when he was a young boy and this had affected his sexual abilities as well as his mental health.

A new trend has come to the attention of today’s therapists because they have have seen a huge surge in the number of porn-addicted millennial men seeking treatment for their penis problems.

Angela Gregory explains: “One of the first assessment questions I’d always ask now is about pornography and masturbatory habit because that can be the cause of their issues about maintaining an erection with a partner.”

“These younger men do not have organic disease, they’ve already been tested by their GP and everything is fine.”
Young men may face performance anxiety after comparing their penises to the gigantic ones of porn stars.

They may also become hooked on extreme porn depicting acts that few women would be willing to endure, leaving them bored by the standard sex on offer with real life partners.

‘The D Word’ was re shaped into ‘The Catholic Woman’s Dying Wish.’ Here is the link:

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