The Trump Phenomenon: Disaster or Dream for America?

Unknown-4Donald Trump in the USA and Jeremy Corbyn here in the UK have one thing in common. Both are Marmite candidates. You either love them or loathe them and believe they will be either a disaster or a dream for their country. This is what commentators are calling the Trump phenomenon. He’s successfully tapping into the popular mood in many quarters, despite the reactionary rehetoric Hilary Clinton yesterday accused him of, he knows the right buttons to press on all the issues that most bother Americans.


It’s becoming clear that Donald Trump is going to be the front runner for the Republican party. It’s hard to seeing anyone knocking him off his perch now. Like Corbyn’s position within the Labour Party there’s a huge segment within the Republican Party that’s fed up and wants change. A segment so angry, so frustrated with the overwhelming feeling that they’ve been betrayed by previous leaders and are now reaching out to extremists and those out of the mainstream for a solution. They offer a radical promise to take the country in a different and fresh direction. This often happens after weak and compromising leadership. It also often happens after a weak premiership. There’s no doubt that Obama has been a weak and ineffectual leader. Ted Heath was a weak leader in the 70s and look who we had run the country after him.


Trump’s policies are of course right wing. He’s against gun control, believes in protecting the 2nd amendment. He wants control over immigration from Mexico. He’s against abortion. He wants to ‘bomb the hell out of ISIS.’ He wants to build a military ‘no one will mess with.’ He wants to lower taxes ‘to attract companies to the USA.’


Some commentators have compared him to Hitler. That’s a bit facile. He’s more like a right wing Branson.


Politicians will say anything to get votes and many of the stirring and venomous things he’s said certainly have won votes but whether he truly believes these things is anyone’s guess. Piers Morgan knows him well and worked with him on Celebrity Apprentice over several months and says he’s a genuinely really nice guy, more moderate, calmer, more rational in reality. You’ve got to treat all of his outrageous statements with a pinch of salt, a degree of skepticism.


Piers Morgan watched him in the boardroom and described it as ‘his natural habitat.’ ‘He has warmth, humour and a sense of perspective.’ Maybe Trump would be a good bet for president. He’s a successful tycoon, flying to campaigns in a private jet, a measure of the success he’s achieved running highly successful businesses with smart people in control. Just the sort of man who would make a great president. The type who could strike up trade deals, sort out Putin and command respect from enemies.


I can therefore understand this Trumpmania that’s gripping America and if I was a US citizen I think I’d be taking an interest in what he has to say.

Donald Trump gets a mention in my book ‘The Catholic Woman’s Dying Wish:


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