New Year bucket lists and resolutions

New Year is upon us once again and it’s time to reassess our lives, tweak the bucket list, write some New Year’s resolutions and revamp the diet. I’ve always found it a depressing time of year with the thought of dreary January and February to come. It’s also a favoured time of year to dump men – out with the old and in with the new, is my motto. So at the stroke of midnight when that irritating little folk tune Auld Lang Syne begins to play I’m looking for a way to begin that tricky conversation and extricate myself from the relationship. Not this year though. I was happy to smooch and snog my new fella under the glitter ball of an upstairs club in Hastings Old Town, the Black Market VIP. A quirky band called Kitten and The Hip were playing. There were strands of hip hop,jazz, swing and R&B. They were on the X Factor in 2014. Simon Cowell thought they were father and daughter but Ashley Slater and Scarlett Quinn are in fact husband and wife. He’s 53 and she’s 28. Known as Kitten Scarlett was dressed in a yellow shell suit. It was a great evening and various age groups came along. By midnight the room was full of dancers including an old raver strutting across the dance floor, who pulled various young ladies into an eclectic duet.

Lack of sleep and nursing a hangover I’m reviewing my bucket list. It includes going to a football match and the Grand Prix. They aren’t events I particularly want to do but things that must be done before I die. The last time I reassessed my bucket list was when I turned 50. With the menopause approaching time was running out. I booked a holiday to Salt Lake City, Las Vegas and Yellowstone. I ended up writing a romantic comedy based on this trip, called “Holiday.” It’s a twist of Bill Bryson and Bridget Jones Diary. This year I’m going to Cuba and the East Coast of America (Boston and Plymouth.) I’ll be blogging about these trips and giving you plenty of travel tips.

“Holiday” is available on Amazon:

And if you live in the Hastings and Bexhill area and enjoy gigs check out Barry Hilton’s new website:

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