Make Climate Change your New Year’s Resolution

It’s that time of year again. With Christmas out of the way we start to think about how we can change our lives in the year ahead and that involves making a list of resolutions. Somewhere in that list will be a diet plan, but diets are hopeless because we live in the western world where food is sugar and fat rich. There are too many temptations for us to stick to a diet.

Instead of dieting or cutting back on alcohol why not make climate goals your New Year’s Resolution? Climate change is upon us: a huge region of the Antarctic ice cap is breaking apart and melting. The Paris Climate Change talks set goals to limit the world’s temperature but this won’t happen unless we all play a part. Here’s what you can do. Make climate change your New Year’s Resolution!

  1. Stop wasting food. Buy only what you need. Walk to the supermarket if you can. Buy food grown locally when you can. That includes wine!
  2. We are wearing clothes for half the amount of time that we used to a decade ago, according to research quoted on Radio 4. Look through your wardrobe before you buy new clothes. Think twice before you throw clothes away. Mass produced fashion moves so fast these days, that a piece of clothing bought today is discarded several months later. Think before you throw away clothes. Don’t be a sucker for fashion. The fashion industry is a major source of the greenhouse gases – read this article:
  3. Change your eating habits. Become a vegetarian or at best give up red meat. This is the best thing you can do to help the environment.If you are not convinced, read this article:
  4. One shower a day is enough. And don’t take so long in the shower! Two minutes is long enough.
  5. Reduce the temperature on your boiler. Wear a jumper inside instead of putting the thermostat up.
  6. Use ecological domestic products. Change your washing powders and washing up liquid to environmentally friendly ones.
  7. Think before you drive. Each journey is bad for the environment. Think before you get in the car. Use the train. Walk to the pub or school. Move to the town so that you don’t need your car. Buy a small car. And please drivers, don’t let your engine run for ages while you defrost the windows. Scrape the windows instead or pour tepid kettle water on the windscreen.
  8. Stop using a tumble dryer. Dry clothes outside.
  9. Stop using a dishwasher. Get the kids to wash up instead. A survey by The Daily Telegraph motoring section revealed that one cycle of a kitchen dishwasher releases about 765g of CO2 – more than double that produced by a short drive in the Range Rover Turbo Diesel, which releases 299g per kilometre.
  10. Don’t drive to a gym. Exercise at home instead in front of a You Tube exercise tutorial or go for a run.
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