Brexit March

Poem: Brexit March
They came in their droves
The BBC said hundreds,
We knew it to be thousands
Gathering in Carlisle Place
Heading onwards with their flags

The toothless of Tintagel
Tattooed of Tring
Smokers of Sunderland
The battle cry goes up

Activists of Acton
Drinkers of Doncaster
Merry of Margate
Unite today

Highjacked by the Right
They demanded free Tommy Robinson
And chanted we want Brexit now
Get out with no deal is better than a fudged deal
The White Pendragons and other Far Right groups,
They give us a bad name
For we’re still a welcome country
Blacks, whites, gays and everyone else
All we want is to take back control
Otherwise anarchy will stalk this land

Bathed in June sunshine
St George’s flag on their backs
They sang the National Anthem
on the corridor to the seat of power
Brexit’s on the brink
Yet there’s a paralysis of Parliament

Give us our Brexit
and give it us now
We made our cross
We didn’t vote a £40 billion trade making loss

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