3 things not to take on holiday and three things to take

It’s the holiday season and in just two weeks time the kids will be spilling out of school for their six-week break. How do you get ready for your two weeks in the sun?


I’m a bit anal. I hate forgetting something, even if it’s something totally trivial, like my mascara or hair clips. I write a list weeks in advance, which I add to until I’ve covered everything I want to take. Of course it starts with passport and it doesn’t finish with the kitchen sink. I travel light. I don’t want to be burdened with a heavy case at the airport.


Let’s go through some of the things us ladies shouldn’t take on holiday.


  1. White trousers and white shorts.

These most definitely should not be taken on holiday. You won’t get through breakfast without ruining them with some kind of spillage: ketchup, baked bean sauce or the time of the month will arrive, even though you’re not expecting it for another week or so. You don’t want to spend the day looking like the flag of Japan.


  1. Linen clothing.

You can say what you like about linen, it’s a dreadful fabric and like your granny it does not travel well. Why go through the whole performance of trying to keep it wrinkle free. Leave it out. And ignore some of the silly, handy travel tips. Here’s one piece of advice I found. “The biggest trick to packing linen clothes is finding ways to reduce wrinkling. You can do this by hanging clothes, packing with plastic bags, and lining clothes with tissue papers. Other useful techniques include only packing in hard-sided suitcases, packing less to reduce pressure, and unpacking quickly upon arrival.”


  1. Flipflops


Now I know you all love your flipflops. Call me frumpy and old fashioned but I’m going to be your mum and tell you quite categorically, they are dangerous. Have you ever fallen on the squeaky hotel flooring in flipflops with wet feet? Or stubbed your toe on an uneven pavement? It’s no fun. The NHS has reported more than 200,000 patients treated a year for flip flop-related injuries at an estimated cost of more than £40 million. (Source:http://www.philly.com/philly/health/the-serious-dangers-of-flip-flops-20170526.html) I know they’re easy to put on and they’re cheap but do yourself a favour, please.


Do however take the following:


  1. A hat


Keep the sun away from your face, it leads to skin damage. Okay, we all know that a tan looks great but I think it’s better to stay as white as the driven snow because that way you end up with fewer wrinkles and you won’t look old. In times gone by untanned skin was much more desirable because it indicated you were from the gentry and didn’t work in the fields. The picture above is of me in Salt Lake City dressed in a Victorian hat the Mormons would have worn. Without suncream it kept them nicely protected. I know it looks ridiculous but it’s so lovely to wear and with the ties it stays on nicely!


  1. My book

Don’t forget to pack my latest book “Holiday.” It’s a relaxing read while you’re on the beach or by the pool. It’s a bit Bridget Jones and a bit Bill Bryson. There are plenty of laughs but you’ll learn a thing or two as well. It’s based on my travels around the American Southwest with my three obnoxious teenagers. Here’s the link: https://www.amazon.co.uk/HOLIDAY-Laugh-out-loud-romantic-Joanna-Warrington-ebook/dp/B01MXYJJ3V/


  1. A bottle of water

Once you’re through security go mad and buy a bottle of water and make sure you keep it filled each day. It’s good to get into the habit and it will stop you feeling tired and lethargic and maintain your energy levels for all that sight seeing. Without meaning to be crude it’s easy to get constipation when you’re on holiday. We get dehydrated in hotter climates and water also keeps the skin looking good.

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