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Joanna who has written 3 Books published her first novel ‘The Catholic Woman’s Dying Wish’ in 2015 – a gritty novel about a relationship crisis. This was shortly followed by the sequel, ‘Every Family Has One’ which also focuses on the struggles within the family and both books belong to the series ‘All Things D’ hence the title the blog and website originated from.

“All my books focus on disaster: disasters in relationships, families, society and my latest novel ‘Holiday’, due to be published soon is about disaster on holiday.”

‘Holiday’ is an emotional drama following a family as they travel across America through the struggles of repairing a fractured relationship.

Holiday is now available on Amazon.

Books by Joanna Warrington

The Catholic Woman’s Dying Wish by Joanna Warrington
Every Family Has One by Joanna Warrington
Holiday cover of new book by Joanna Warrington

| A Catholic Woman’s Dying Wish is available on Amazon |

| Every Family Has one is available on Amazon |

| NEW – Holiday is now on Amazon |

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